[Stable-review] [patch 000/108] 2.6.30-stable review

[Stable-review] [patch 000/108] 2.6.30-stable review

Post by Luis R. Ro » Fri, 03 Jul 2009 03:30:16

Cc'ing linux-wireless.

14 of the 108 patches for are for wireless. Here they are [1]:

[patch 062/108] mac80211: fix minstrel single-rate memory corruption

[patch 063/108] cfg80211: fix for duplicate userspace replies
[patch 064/108] cfg80211: cleanup return calls on nl80211_set_reg()
[patch 065/108] cfg80211: return immediately if num reg rules >
[patch 066/108] cfg80211: fix in nl80211_set_reg()

[patch 067/108] ath9k: Fix bug when using a card with a busted EEPROM
[patch 068/108] ath9k: Fix bug in calibration initialization
[patch 069/108] ath9k: Fix bug in determining calibration support
[patch 070/108] ath9k: Fix bug in checking HT flag
[patch 071/108] ath9k: Fix bug in scan termination
[patch 072/108] ath9k: Fix memleak on TX DMA failure
[patch 073/108] ath9k: Initialize ANI timers
[patch 074/108] ath9k: Fix PCI FATAL interrupts by restoring

[patch 088/108] ath5k: avoid PCI FATAL interrupts by restoring

All these look good. I can think of one fix which didn't make it, the
wext netlink fix for event sending which leaks 4 bytes of
uninitialized data. It didn't make it to stable as Johannes noted its
been broken for ages. I actually don't agree that's a good argument to
not fix it in stable as it can be fixed with a one-liner but whatever,
for details see the tread [2].

Only funny thing I did notice was that the revert for the PCI fatal
stuff for ath5k was for PCI resume, whereas ath9k had it for both
probe and resume. I did check and reason for this was that the
original ath5k patch only removed the 0x41 0 write on resume.

If there are any other patches missed for please send to
XXXX@XXXXX.COM by following the guidelines on
Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt for them to be queued up for
review for

[1] http://www.yqcomputer.com/
[2] http://www.yqcomputer.com/

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