ANN: Gastown Command Line Parser V1.0 Beta 2

ANN: Gastown Command Line Parser V1.0 Beta 2

Post by Ed Vander » Fri, 26 May 2006 15:55:02

New in Beta 2: Delphi 2006 for .Net is now supported. Documentation has
also been enhanced.

The Gastown Command Line Parser allows you to easily and reliably
interpret parameters that are passed to your program on the command
line. This first beta version only supports Delphi 7 and Delphi 2006
Win32 and .Net, and support for other versions will be coming shortly.

The functionality includes:
o automatic handling of single- or double-quoted strings.
o parameters can be of different types including strings, booleans,
integers and floats.
o integer and float parameters can be limited to a certain range.
o default values for parameters.
o parameters can be marked as required.
o automatic generation of help messages describing the parameters.
o informative messages if the parameters are incorrectly specified.
o support for both short and long parameter names.

For more information or to download a trial version, visit

Ed Vander Hoek
"ed.vanderhoek" with the domain ""

1. ANN: LinkGrammar-WN v1.0 Released - Lexicon addon for the Link Grammar syntactic English parser

2. ANN: Compass for Delphi v1.0.0 beta released!

Cresco Software is proud to announce that the public beta release of
Compass for Delphi v1.0.0 is available for download.

Compass for Delphi is a Delphi IDE add-on with new and powerful
capabilities for:
- code browsing/navigation
- refactoring
- bookmarks management
- project backup

At the base of Compass for Delphi is a full blown parser which provides
real time syntactical and semantical parsing of the current project,
while building and maintaining a complete list of symbols.
Like a true Delphi compiler, it ignores comments, obeys conditional
defines (works only with compilable code), processes "include" files
as well as any library or Delphi's own units (from the "$(DELPHI)\Source"
directory) and searches for units/files in various paths.

- Find References - finds and browses references of the symbol at cursor
- Rename Symbol - renames any symbol and all references to it, project wide
- Find Declaration - finds and shows the declaration of the symbol at cursor
- Bookmark Manager - maintains and handles persistent Delphi bookmarks
- Project Backup - backs up the current project in a zip archive using a version
numbering system
- Module dependencies - list all the dependencies of the current module
- Fully integrated in Delphi IDE

Currently, Delphi 6 and Delphi 7 versions are available. A Delphi 2005 version
will be released later.
This beta expires on May 15, 2005

Read more and download Compass for Delphi at
For any questions or bug reports, please email XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Best regards,
Cresco Software

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