Widgets and Digital Dashboards and DSS

Widgets and Digital Dashboards and DSS

Post by Colin B Ma » Thu, 03 May 2007 07:44:39

DSS=Decision support systems
Hi folks I was hoping to get into this
area of enterprise reporting. What
type of tools and training and direction
you kind folks think I should be heading in...

Colin B Maharaj
Trinidad, WI

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in cell M13

returns a date in if all 3 statements are true, otherwise no.
I want an OR condition IF N13>"", AV13 to come in before the "NO",
so that if all 3 of the first statements are true OR the last statement is
true, the date from AV13 results.

I've fooled around with this for 2 hours now, and I GIVE UP.

Once again, I am turning to the experts to save me.


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