CRS 2007 Pro - IntraWeb (VCL for the Web) license key ?

CRS 2007 Pro - IntraWeb (VCL for the Web) license key ?

Post by Don Benken » Thu, 27 Sep 2007 06:26:09

I'm mainly interested in the C++ personality. Everything I've seen on
the AtoZed website says I shouldn't need a key for the bundled 9.0.17
Intraweb version included in CRS 2007 Pro. At the same time, they
say that the 2007 edition CodeGear products now include "application
mode" (5 concurrent user max.), installation as a service, in the Pro
edition package. Well, I did the install of CRS 2007 Pro cleanly, and
nothing I've read says anything about working with Intraweb license
keys, etc., but whenever I try to create a "service mode" app. I get
an error saying I can't install the app. (as a service) in the
evaluation edition of intraweb, etc.

Anyone can help ?

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2. What about: VCL.Win32, VCL.Net, VCL.QT.Linux, VCL.QT.Windows

Wouldn't above "semantics" ease it
("namespaces", adverts, defines, porting etc.)?
Especially since Borland wants VCL.Net as a thing to stay.

Mac version would then be: VCL.QT.Mac
(actually that would be unnecessary with VCL.Net, but you get the idea).

As it is now.. Isn't a bit complicated to imagine developing for:
(VCL/Win32 | CLX/Win32) + .Net + CLX/Linux ?

I would like to see some sort of roadmaps about this on BDN.

best regards

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