The future of C++ Builder?

The future of C++ Builder?

Post by jvr_b » Tue, 13 Jul 2004 04:49:05


I'm involved in a somewhat large software project and we are
developing this software with C++ Builder 4 on a Windows XP platform.
We are using the RAD capabilities of the C++ Builder environment for a
couple of years now. We are still using the BDE for accessing the
database. This being said, are we in some kind of deep trouble? The
past year we dealt with several kind of unexplainable bugs in the IDE
as well as in the compiler and VCL. Is C++ Builder still the way to
go? I'm using the .NET environment at home for smaller projects, and
it appears that this is more stable and usefull. Is Borland going to
continue to develop VCL based C++ Builder development environments or
is this line completely deprecated? Should we upgrade to C++ Builder 6
and await a solution of Borland or should we migrate to the Visual
Studio product of Microsoft.

Thanks in advance for your response and your valuable time

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2. Problem with TStream, C++ Builder 6 => Builder 2007

I recently upgraded from C++ Builder 6 to C++ Builder 2007 and after a few alterations in the code I managed to build my project.

Everything seemed ok until I tried to read from my database. Numbers and texts are ok but not the binary data in the PM field. Here's how I do it:

* I use TADODatasets. I wrote my binaries to the PM-field using:
TStream *stream = TemplateDataSet->CreateBlobStream(adoDataSet->FieldByName("BinaryField"), bmWrite);

* When reading from the database I use TADODataset again together with TField and TStream like this:

TField *templateField = adoDataSet->Fields->FieldByName("BinaryField");
TStream *stream = dbDataSet->CreateBlobStream(templateField, bmRead);
stream->ReadBuffer(numberOfData,sizeof(numberOfData)); //Reads 4 bytes ok
unsigned char dataType;
pStream->ReadBuffer(dataType,sizeof(dataType)); //Fails to read 1 byte but no exception occur.

I should mention that a similar error occured when I earlier this year upgraded my Builder 6 with patches from the website. But then a EReadError occured.

Does anyone know what could be wrong? Maybe you need some more info from me - please let me know if that's the case. I guess (or hope) this must have happened for other people before me. I haven't found anything on this when searching the net and newsgroups though.


Best regards,

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