Open Community Letter Pitching Points to Borland Management

Open Community Letter Pitching Points to Borland Management

Post by Paul Gusta » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 13:42:23

Well, you guys have been great and passing your ideas on to me. I've tried
to be a sponge as munch as possible. One idea passed along was to consider a
way to summarize the Open Community Letter (OCL) in a manner that
facilitates folks to commit and submit their signature without the
requirement of having to dig deep into a reading of the letter.

The result of this idea are some pitching points that I've posted based on
the OCL.

Feel free to read / and reflect (pass along -- i.e. web link).

Also, I want to thank everyone for their participation so far. I know a lot
of you are not happy with what Borland has done in the recent past, and,
whether or not you are holding on hope a bit longer for the future, I think
your points will be quite well shared and heard based on the excellent
comments provided thus far in the signature page. Keep those signatures

r/ Paul

1. Expanding the points system to encourage Community Management of Tasks.

2. Could someone from Borland let us know if there will be an Open Letter - Please

It was nearly two months ago on May 6 that Robert E said there would be
an open letter "next week" regarding BCB. His exact note was "An open
letter is planned for next week. I'm not sure of the content, but
several BCB issues are currently being addressed."

Now I'm not flaming Robert, because I'm sure that he sincerely thought
that there would be an open letter. However, it is obvious that
something has changed. It may have changed so much that there will not
even be an open letter for all we know. Therefore, if that is the case,
it would sure be nice to know so we aren't waiting for something that
will never arrive.

Now before someone says that Borland doesn't read these newsgroups, save
your breath, because I don't believe it. We used to see occasional
posts from several Borlanders before this latest Open Letter debacle. I
think the case is that they don't post, but probably occasionally read.
Besides what other venue do we have with Borland.

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