New release of bccSDK - 0.0.3

New release of bccSDK - 0.0.3

Post by Darko Mile » Sun, 25 Dec 2005 02:14:51


pre-alpha release 0.0.3 (23.12.2005)
- changes
First inclusion of most of import lib files
Fixed GdiPlus Headers - now automatic linking works
Added most of def files(161) used to create import lib files

This project has a goal to supply missing and/or updated static lib or
import lib files that where not shipped with older versions of Borland
C++ compilers (mainly speaking about Borland free compiler and bcb 6
compiler) together with latest header files from Microsoft Platform SDK.

Main benefit for every user of older Borland compiler will be abillity
to use latest MS Platform SDK in it's full glory without having to
manually modify headers.
Here is a short list of some of the libraries already present in this
pre-alpha stage:

htmlhelp.lib - full featured HTML help support that mimics one present
scrnsav.lib - Port of Microsoft ScreenSaver library (taken from mingw
comsupp.lib - Partial implementation of MS COM support library that
enables usage of classes like _btsr_t, variant_t and com exceptions with
source code
adoid.lib - static lib that enables usage of ADO MSVC headers (adoint.h
wbemuuid.lib - WBEM guid lib

and others are soon to follow.

For any questions and / or ideas go to the project page:

Or in forums:


Open Discussion:

Darko Miletic

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