Screen resolution and QReport preview

Screen resolution and QReport preview

Post by Fco. Javie » Wed, 18 Feb 2004 05:40:39

Hi group.

In the first place excuse me for my English.

My problem is with quick report and borland builder C++ 4.

I have an application that works in a computer with two screens.
By exigencies of other applications the two screens for Windows
are formed as if they were a single one.

All the application in borlan works suitably. The only problem
occurs in the preview of the information. When I visualize preview is
based on the wide total of the screen to present/display the report
causing a bad visualization when stepping on itself the letters.

Nonencounter the way to indicate to the Quick report that one is based on
a resolution that I indicate to him. There am proford with preview
but although it takes the wide one that I indicate in form the visualization
continues being equal of bad.

My present resolution with the two screen is of 2048 * 768.
In the first screen n visualizes 1024 * 768 and the rest wide second.

Thank for you help.