Feature Request: Array[ Hints, Hints, Hints ]

Feature Request: Array[ Hints, Hints, Hints ]

Post by Skybuck Fl » Tue, 25 Sep 2007 17:35:15


I am requesting the following feature to be implemented in a future version
of Delphi:

Array[ Hints, Hints, Hints ]

It should work the same as:

Procedure( Hints, Hints, Hints )

When placing the cusor inside the procedure parameters/prototype and
pressing control-alt-space it shows procedure parameter types/a hint

I want such a hint message for arrays as well.

For example:

Ta = 1...5;
Tb = 1..100;
Tc = ( green, blue, red );

vArray : array[Tc] of array[Tb] of array[Ta];
vA : Ta;
vB : Tb;
vC : Tc;

Then when writing code:

vArray[C][ ? ] [ ? ];

I forget which type comes first, so I want hints !