Package Description Improvement Suggestion: Use file name as description or add package file name column

Package Description Improvement Suggestion: Use file name as description or add package file name column

Post by Skybuck Fl » Sat, 25 Aug 2007 18:32:56


I set the description for my packages to the filename of the package.

Otherwise the package description will be empty.

If the package description is empty the path will be shown in the install
package dialog, but that can already be shown by the extra path column.

I would save me some time if Delphi automatically sets the description to
the package file name.

Or alternatively:

Display the package file name in the install packages dialog...

Like have an extra column that says: "Package Filename"

That would do just nicely ;)

Actually there are no columns.

Only a description is show.

Maybe it would be better to update it and use listview and columns and stuff
! ;)


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I have a question regarding Assembly information.

My program acts as an Internet server. With Windows XP SP2 and the Windows
Firewall, the application has to be registered with Windows (simple
enough--it pops up the first time, asks you if it's okay to have this
program run, and then doesn't bother you). The problem is that the name of
the program doesn't get stored in the list for the Windows Firewall. It's
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In AssemblyInfo.vb, I have set AssemblyTitle, AssemblyDescription,
AssemblyCompany, and AssemblyProduct. Any assistance would be greatly

James A. Pyrich

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