treeview with ftp

treeview with ftp

Post by N. Karadem » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 19:08:37


Can someone tell me how to show the contents of a ftp site in a treeview
like windows explorer does?

Do i need a different component?
I use cbuilder5 en tnmftp component to connet to a site.


N. Karademir

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What is the best way to work on a site between two users?

I have my "Local" site on my hard drive. Another coworker who works from home
has the same site on their hard drive. We have no network connection, but what
we set up is a Remote Site to our web server at our hosting company. We work on
a school site (its a mess because the teachers share this same server) to
update their website. Normally, I would just FTP to the school as the remote
server. But now, we want to keep each other's files checked in and out and

I want to be able to sync my HD to the FTP server we have. My coworker can
then FTP to that and sync his files on his HD.

Now how do we sync (in DW) between that FTP to the school site FTP. Is there a
way to set a "LOCAL" pointing to an FTP site?

I just want the school site sync'ed with our FTP web server.

Please help.


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