MS Access + ASP + ADO + OpenSchema + error - Unspecified Error

MS Access + ASP + ADO + OpenSchema + error - Unspecified Error

Post by abcd » Wed, 10 May 2006 00:30:41

I am using MSAccess 2003 as my DB, ASP page my front end. My access file is
in the temp folder which ahs IUSR_Machine permissions. My asp page works
fine, connects to DB and retrieves what I want. Now, when I open my db file
in Microsoft Access in Exclusive mode my ASP page doest establish a
connection which is correct as exclusive open locks the files and prevents
further connections. Upto here no problem.

Now when I close that opened Microsoft Access instance, my web page resumes
working. If I refresh it, it works. The third time I refresh the page I get
"Unspecified Error". Again if I refresh it works and again if I refresh I
get "Unspecified error" when I debugged it fails at connection open.

Here is my code snippet..

if strConnString <> "" then
objConn.Mode = 3
objConn.ConnectionTimeout = 30
objConn.CursorLocation = 3 'adUseClient strConnString
set oTmpRs.ActiveConnection = objConn
Set oTmpRs = objConn.OpenSchema(4, Array(Empty, Empty,
Set oTmpRs.ActiveConnection = Nothing
set rsColumns = oTmpRs.Clone
set oTmpRs = nothing
end if

set objConn = nothing

Can anybody tell me what's wrong here..what could be the root cause of this

I tried almost all solutions I know and found in search engines..but not yet
solved this issue..


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Hi all,

I have a curious problem: In one place of my WinForms app, a large number of
.ExecuteScalar calls are executed (about 1000). On my PC this fails about
80% way through. I'm using Windows XP Pro SP1.

I've tried to isolate any environmental issues and have tested on:
* a VM running Japanese Windows XP SP1 - works fine
* several colleagues who have English Windows XP SP1 - didn't work for them
* a few colleagues who have English Windows XP SP2 - works fine

The version of MDAC on these different machines vary from 2.7 to 2.8, with
no apparent correlation to the failure/success of the .ExecuteScalar calls.

It appears as if this problem is related to the XP Service Pack (but the
fact that no problems found on Japanese Windows with SP1 contradict this

Has anybody come across this or have any ideas?


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