ASP, Access 2000, Visual FoxPro, ODBC Error

ASP, Access 2000, Visual FoxPro, ODBC Error

Post by Jasvindarj » Sun, 20 Jul 2003 12:19:34


I have a Visual FoxPro database named C:\Test\VFP\DB.DBC.
This database has a single table in it Address.DBF. The
Address.DBF table is also located in C:\Test\VFP.

I have an Access 2000 (Office 2000 + SP1) database named
C:\Test\A2K\db1.mdb. This database has a linked table
entry to the VFP table (Address.dbf) above using a DSN-
less connection. The ODBC driver used is "Microsoft Visual
FoxPro Drive" (VFPODBC.DLL version 6.01.8629.01). The
Access database also has a native table named "Contact".

I have given Everyone and IUSR_ABC and IWAM_ABC "Full
Control" rights to the C:\Test folder and all sub-folders
and files.

If I run Access and open the Access database, I can access
the Address.DBF table without any problems.

I have an ASP page on a IIS 5.1 (Windows XP Professional)
with the following code:

Option Explicit
Dim oDbase: Set oDbase = Server.CreateObject
= "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data
oDbase.Execute "Select * From address", , adCmdText
oDbase.Close: Set oDbase = Nothing

I get the following error when I access the ASP page:

Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'
ODBC--connection to 'Visual FoxPro Database' failed.
/test.asp, line 5

Line 5 corresponds to the "oDbase.Execute ..." statement.
I have tried using a DSN connection but the error persists.

If I change the statement on line 5 to

oDbase.Execute "Select * From contact", , adCmdText

and it runs without any errors.

Any help or insight you can provide into this issue will
be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

ASP, Access 2000, Visual FoxPro, ODBC Error

Post by lukezha » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:02:51

It may need read/write permission on more folders, for example, the temp
folder. You can first add IUSR_ABC to local administrator group to see if
this will help. If it is the problem, you can trace the file access with a
utility "FileMon" to see where it failed. Here is the link for download
this utility:


(This posting is provided "AS IS", with no warranties, and confers no


ASP, Access 2000, Visual FoxPro, ODBC Error

Post by Jasvindarj » Thu, 24 Jul 2003 02:16:49


I have given the IUSR_ABC account administrative rights to
the computer and it is still not working.

I ran FileMon and didn't see anything obvious. The only
errors I saw were the following (I have deleted a bunch of
SUCCESS lines in between these lines):

C:\WINDOWS\system32\system.mdb - FILE NOT FOUND
C:\Test\A2k\db1.mdb - BUFFER OVERFLOW
C:\Test\A2k\db1.ldb - FILE NOT FOUND
C:\Test\A2k\db1.ldb - BUFFER OVERFLOW

I reran the FileMon test while accessing a linked table to
another MSAccess database (instead of a linked table to a
VFP table) and I got the same series of errors but the
query ran fine. So I don't think the errors are specific
to VFP ODBC linked tables.

Any other ideas?

P.S.: If you get a chance, can you setup a configuration
similar to mine to determine if you can get it to work. I
know you have tonnes of other calls to answer, but it will
help to verify if my configuration is corrupted. I can
send you the contents of the C:\Test folder and the sample
ASP file to help you expedite the test.

Thank you.

example, the temp
administrator group to see if
file access with a
link for download
and confers no