[glscene] Adding textures to the inner of a cube

[glscene] Adding textures to the inner of a cube

Post by Benjamin L » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 19:42:44


I'd like to add a texture to the inner of a cube. Right now I can only see
the texture when the cam looks on the parts of the cube which are
"outside" - ig the cam looks "inside" the cube it looks through the planes
of the cube. The cube is build like this:

fenster := TGLCube.Create(nil);
fenster.Material.MaterialLibrary := matl;
fenster.Material.LibMaterialName := 'MatInner';
fenster.Position.X := X;
fenster.Position.Y := Y;
fenster.Position.Z := Z;
fenster.Parts := [cpFront, cpBack, cpLeft, cpRight];
fenster.NormalDirection := ndInside;