Multi-threaded does debugger get priority of lower priority threads?

Multi-threaded does debugger get priority of lower priority threads?

Post by Randall Pa » Mon, 19 Sep 2005 04:31:12

I have a weird problem with the IDE becoming very slow while debugging. I'm beginning
to think that the de *** might be running at the priority level of a lower priority
thread when it hits breakpoints in that thread.

The IDE becomes very slow about repainting the main menu bar and text window. Trying
to Reset the app is very slow. The Win2k task manager shows little CPU activity in
BCB or the app though. 90+ % is in the system idle task.

Ever heard of problems where the whole IDE becomes very slow when debugging
multi-threaded apps with different priority threads?

Or slowdowns involving STL containers?

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I have a question regarding priorities on XP and NT.

I try to use XP for a soft real time system, and experience difficulties
controlling thread priorities.
I believe this is the same behaviour as on NT, but I'm not sure.

I run one single process containing quite a few threads.

If I run the process at NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, the threads seem to get
different priorities as expected, where e.g THREAD_PRIORITY_TIME_CRITICAL is

However, if I set the priority class of the process to HIGH_PRIORITY_CLASS,
I end up with fewer thread priority levels, as it seems like the lower
levels are increased, but the highest level is still 15 (as would be
expected from the documentation).

If I set the base priority class to REALTIME_PRIORITY_CLASS, I end up with
only two effective thread priority levels, 16 and 19.

I have been unable to find any documentation of this behaviour. It's
contrary to all descriptions I have found. I have trued to run my process
both as diffreent users, both with and without Administrator priviledges,
but I seem to be unable to set utilize all priority levels.

Do you have any experience in this matter? Is there a Win32 call I must do
to enable this? Is my process started with incorrect attributes or access
Any explanetion or even better, a description on how to obtain what I need,
would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Anders Hortvedt

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