remote debugging of DLLs on XP target

remote debugging of DLLs on XP target

Post by W.Schol » Tue, 15 Jun 2004 20:24:55

Hi all,

I'm still using BCB5 Pro and most projects are still running under Win2000.
I remember that there are some problems if the project is running under Win
XP ( Home ) and I want to debug a DLL of the project. Is this still a
limitation also for BCB6?

Thank you in advance

W. Scholz
Heidenrod, Germany

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The problem is this service uses two supporting dlls. On the remote
service, the dlls have been registered in the GAC. They are also in the
service's directory, along with their associated *.dbg symbols. Yet, any
breakpoint in the dlls is not hit.

The dlls are part of the project file, and breakpoints in them can be hit
when I debug locally.

Is there additional configuration that I need to perform when I debug a
windows service with supporting dlls remotely?

Should the *.dbg files be in some other location?


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