Migrate BDE Delphi 5 to ADO Delphi 2006

Migrate BDE Delphi 5 to ADO Delphi 2006

Post by Rhea Graso » Thu, 01 Feb 2007 08:01:39

I have to upgrade several apps from Delphi 5 using the bde to Delphi 2006 and ADO. I don't actually have the new version of Delphi yet so I am changing a couple of forms to ADO in Delphi 5 right now. Are the ADO components the same in Delphi 2006? Should I be using ADO datasets or ADO queries? I use cached updates a lot. What would be the best approach to this kind of upgrade? Thanks.

Migrate BDE Delphi 5 to ADO Delphi 2006

Post by Bill Tod » Thu, 01 Feb 2007 08:18:50

Aside from bug fixes the ADO components are the same. The Delphi ADO
components are just wrappers around Microsoft ADO and that has not
changed in a long long time.

I prefer to stick to ADODataSet and ADOCommand since they are the
closest to the Microsoft ADO components, however, you will find it
easier to use ADOQuery when you migrate from BDE since TADOQuery was
designed to mimic TQuery as closely as possible. There is no reason not
to use TADOQuery.

Why are you using cached updates?

What database are you using?

Is there any reason why using a client side cursor in ADO will not give
you the same behavior that you get with cached updates?

Bill Todd (TeamB)