CLOB SUPPORTED in Delphi 5/7 ADO ?

CLOB SUPPORTED in Delphi 5/7 ADO ?

Post by Jean-Miche » Sun, 25 Sep 2005 06:40:56

Hello there,

big problem

i need to query a table which contains a clob field.

The query hangs with : not supported field.

BDE runs the query fine.
Toad : OK
DBArtisan : OK

Oracle version both client and server side
mdac 2.8
tried with mdac 2.7 and also ORacle client.

What/where is the problem with CLOB and Delphi ???

Best regards.


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CLOB SUPPORTED in Delphi 5/7 ADO ?

Post by Graham Har » Sun, 25 Sep 2005 15:50:00

What is the query being used? Have (for example) writen the query

select clob_field from clob_table where value = : VALUE

Note the space after the parameter indicator. This could give you the
error you are talking about. to fix it just delete the space.


Graham Harris



CLOB SUPPORTED in Delphi 5/7 ADO ?

Post by Michael Ja » Mon, 26 Sep 2005 21:40:12

Yes. Oracle CLOBs can be problematic using Delphi and ADO. I've had success
when inserting data by specifying the datatype as 'ftMemo', but retrieveing
is a different issue and the 'datatype' returned by Oracle doesn't seem to
map to a datatype in ADO.

You might want to consider switching to NCOCI8 (free) for this application.
You can find it here:



CLOB SUPPORTED in Delphi 5/7 ADO ?

Post by Mick Boar » Tue, 27 Sep 2005 12:00:13

I've had success using with the Oracle's Provider for OLE DB but not
Microsoft's equivalent which doesn't seem to like CLOBs or BLOBs.