Intermittent connection failure

Intermittent connection failure

Post by Sham » Tue, 20 Sep 2005 19:53:09

Hi to all,

I am using TADOQuery component with the OLE DB provider for SQL Server. I
have an object that when it is first created creates the TADOQuery object in
code. Then I execute the SQL statement when I call FQuery.Open..
When I close the app, I then free the TADOQuery object.

Calling FQuery.Open a number of times seems to work fine (i.e. I do
TADOQuery.SQL.Clear when using a new sql string). If I leave the app for
about 5 minutes or so, and then execute a query, I get a connection failure
exception. This seems to happen in the unit ADODB at

procedure TCustomADODataSet.OpenCursor(InfoQuery: Boolean);
AsyncOptions = [eoAsyncExecute, eoAsyncFetch, eoAsyncFetchNonBlocking];
VarRecsAffected: OleVariant;
if not Assigned(Recordset) then
Recordset.Open(Source, ActiveConnection,
CursorTypeValues[FCursorType], LockTypeValues[FLockType],
Integer(CommandTypeValues[CommandType]) +
while Recordset.State = adStateClosed do

on RecordSet.Open method.

I read in one thread that I should recreate TADOQuery everytime I use it
rather than use the same one. Clearly this will hit performance so I am not
sure if this is the solution.


Ps. I am also using a TDataSetProvider and a TClientDataSet component which
are created in code.

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