Returning records in Increments SQL

Returning records in Increments SQL

Post by Nathan » Sun, 15 Feb 2004 02:43:15

I am using the following query to return results organized into 15 min increments of hours. I have it so the results are identified by HourRequested and TimeInterval (0-14, 15-29, etc). Now I need to figure out how to structure the query so each HourRequested will return an overall AVG for each 15 min increment. For example, HourRequested 5 will return 4 records (0-14, 15-29, 30-44, 45-59) each having an avgETP, avgTTP. Any ideas??

AVG(L.ElapsedTimeToPrint) AS avgETP,
AVG(M.TimeBeforeDepletion*60) AS avgTBD,
COUNT(M.KanbanNumber) AS Count_Num,
CONVERT(varchar, L.TimeRequested, 101) AS RequestedDate,
DATEPART(hh, L.TimeRequested) AS RequestedHour,
WHEN DATEPART(mi, L.TimeRequested)/15 = 0
THEN '0-14 minutes'
WHEN DATEPART(mi, L.TimeRequested)/15 = 1
THEN '15-29 minutes'
WHEN DATEPART(mi, L.TimeRequested)/15 = 2
THEN '30-44 minutes'
WHEN DATEPART(mi, L.TimeRequested)/15 = 3
THEN '45-59 minutes'
END AS [15MinuteInterval]
JOIN Master M WITH (NOLOCK) ON L.KanbanNumber = M.KanbanNumber AND L.Zone = M.Zone
WHERE L.TimeRequested BETWEEN '2004-02-09 05:00' AND '2004-02-09 16:00'
AND M.Zone = 'B'
CONVERT(varchar, L.TimeRequested, 101),
DATEPART(hh, L.TimeRequested),
DATEPART(mi, L.TimeRequested)/15
ORDER BY L.TimeRequested

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