Delphi and Service Broker

Delphi and Service Broker

Post by Nenad s » Thu, 08 Feb 2007 04:23:44

Doas anyone know how to use SQL Service Broker notification inside Delphi

Delphi and Service Broker

Post by remusrusan » Thu, 08 Feb 2007 06:48:16

If you want to use basic Service Broker programming, then there isn't
anything special. You just execute T-SQL statements just like any
other T-SQL statements. RECEIVE produces a resultset just like SELECT
and you process it in the client same way you would process a SELECT
resultset, no matter the actual client (ODBC, OleDB, SqlClient, JDBC

If your question is about the SqlDependency infrastructure in CLR
(notifications of query changes), then ultimately it all boils down to
the server side Query Notification feature. I don't know how well this
is supported in Delphi (is been many years since I haven't looked at
BDE), but ultimately Query Notifications can be programmed against by
any client that understands the SNAC, read
en-us/library/ms130764.aspx for more details.

BTW, if you need more info please post in
because I'm not monitoring these newsgroups.

~ Remus


Delphi and Service Broker

Post by Carlos Fan » Sat, 10 Feb 2007 08:46:54

Do you want to use query notifications or SSB?

Query notifications are a feature of SQL Server that use SSB for their
plumbing and are exposed through the data access APIs, I've only ever used
SQlClient as a consumer and thats going to be challenging from .Net 2.0 via
Delphi right now....

If you really want to use SSB from a client app and get notifications of
message arrival then you are going to have to write some sort of activation
service or listener. I suggest getting a copy of SQL Server 2005 for
Developers by Bob Beauchim et al or *** out in the SSB group over here