Obtain the original file from an olecontainer?

Obtain the original file from an olecontainer?

Post by Davi » Thu, 17 Feb 2005 03:06:40

How can I obtain the original file from an olecontainer?
I have these saved as blobs in a database and currently save them as .shs scrapobjects via the shell interface to email as
But .shs files are probably not working on macs and linux systems + virus scanners block them.




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I am trying to make an antialias routine work
on Win9x systems, but on these systems i am
using a region to obtain the irregular window
shape needed for my application.

On Win2k/XP, i use layered windows and the
desktop is updated continuously but with the region
it is not. I need to take a snapshot of the desktop
that is behind my skin, it works but i get an image
of my window too inside it making the antialias result
pretty ugly :( ...

How can i force an update of the region underneath my
window each time i want ?

thanks ...

Fabien H.

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