Fetch data on ClientDataSet Master-Detail relation

Fetch data on ClientDataSet Master-Detail relation

Post by Ang Lik Hu » Sun, 01 Feb 2004 13:08:17

Hi there,

I have an master-detail relationship table, where one master link to three
detail using simpledataset. And i need to regenerate the transaction record
the master file.

Where is the best place to trigger it ? I found that i cound't do in
dataset's afterscroll and datasource's datachange cuz it will trigger while
i open my master file record.

Thanks for the help !!

magic ang

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I have a Master-Detail relationship based on three tables.

I am very well aware that I can setup a query in the detail table and use
parameters to keep the detail in sync with the master.

However, what is the best practice for when a detail is derived from two
master tables such that I would, in essense, need to pass two parameters,
one from one master and another from the second master? Granted, I can set
filters based on the second parameter, but my final goal is to use
ClientDataSets to reconcile the records back to the SQL database.

Is this possible, or do I need to manage this in multiple steps?


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