Server process(es) used by TSQLconnection ( D7/MySQL 4.0.14)

Server process(es) used by TSQLconnection ( D7/MySQL 4.0.14)

Post by Deberlange » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 18:18:05


I have the following question : Is there any way you can find out which
server db process(es) represent a specific tsqlconnection component ?
I'm testing a lot with D7/dbexpress/mysql 4.0.14 and how the tsqlconnection
component behaves when linking multiple tsqldatasets to it ( keepConnection
= true ). I already came across quite some problems ( e.g. bug regarding
active statements : if you are not carefull every new query executed starts
a new cloned connection process in mysql, which is then soon running out of
available connections => only actually freeing the query, or explicit
unprepare it, or close and reopen the connection seem to be a workaround )
So to be able to fully understand this and actually monitor it, I've written
are small test application which shows me the 'SHOW PROCESSLIST' outcome
after doing some statements on the tsqlconnection.( I'm not sure if the
statement itself and/or the result set is either SQL standardized or mysql
specific ). I logon as superuser and get to see all processes.
Is there any way to know which tsqlconnection on a client ( if more then one
are on the same client ) is linked to which db process/thread ? ( I like the
feeling to be in full control of what is going on..... ).
In the show process list you get to see a client port by I have no idea what
that means or where it is linked to ? ( Is every tcpip connection build up
as a client ip / client port to server ip / server port maybe ? I wasn't
aware of the source port then...) Can you find out which client port is
connected to which tsqlconnection then ?

In terms of design, is it a good idea to use 1 client connection, shared
between all the different forms ? Or should you use 1 connection per form as
a rule of thumb or even 1 connection per table ? On what should you base
your decision for this ?

thx for some clarifications,