ASP error in pm.asp line 192

ASP error in pm.asp line 192

Post by UmF1bCBSb2 » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 00:15:02

I posted this question already in the components forum because I thought it
is a problem with the Interdev components. I post it in this forum again.
Please forgive me for cross posting.

Can someone please help me with an ASP problem?

We have a "legacy" ASP application that is showing a strange behaviour. You
can go to a page 20, 30 or 50 times and it works. But then it shows an error
"800a0005 Invalid procedure call or argument /_ScriptLibrary/pm.asp, line
192". When this error comes then the page enters a strange loop. When you go
the next time it works, if you go to the page again it doesn't work, the next
time it works and so on. After some time without working it seems to "repair"
itself. Maybe the IIS process is being recycled or something like this and
now it works again till 50 times before starting the loop again.

As it seems it has something to do with the "Interdev Extensions".

The environment is a Windows XP machine with SP2 installed. We have been
able to reproduce it in two different machines and accessing Oracle 9 and MS
SQL 2000. In many other machines it's working with no problems.

Thank you in advance

ASP error in pm.asp line 192

Post by Larry Bu » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 03:12:39

So what's the code at line 192 of pm.asp?


ASP error in pm.asp line 192

Post by UmF1bCBSb2 » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 17:20:03

Thanks for your interest, Larry!

The _ScriptLibrary/pm.asp file is something that gets installed in ASP
applications when you use Microsoft's Interdev Extensions. This is the reason
why I didn't post the code as I thought that if someone knew the answer, then
it would know it. In any case I include the code from this line. The line 192
is the one with the DE.Init. The strange thing is that works around 30-50
times and suddenly it doesn't work anymore.

// function _SOM_createDE()
// Create the data environment object as DE
function _SOM_createDE()
if (!this._bDECreated)
DE = Server.CreateObject('DERuntime.DERuntime');
this._bDECreated = true;