Configuring OWA 2003 FE server on IIS 6.0 for auto-redirect?

Configuring OWA 2003 FE server on IIS 6.0 for auto-redirect?

Post by TGxveWQgV2 » Sun, 07 Mar 2004 01:36:09

How do you place the error handler page in the same web app pool


If you want to redirect requests to *only* (i
not other URLs like ) then

a) create a default document (eg default.asp or default.aspx) and place i
into the root of your server
b) please the following ASP code in the default.asp page

<% @Language=VBScript EnableSessionState=False%><

If you want to redirect *all* requests to any URL (except, obviously withi
the /exchange folder itself) that are http://, then
I would create a custom 403.4 error handler (for SSL required). This woul
contain similar code to the one above that would redirect requests to th
/exchange/ folder. You would then "require" SSL for the server in questio
(in the directory security tab of the IIS MMC Snapin), but remove SS
requirement for the error handler page
This article outlines the steps
However, it doesn't work for IIS6 unless you place the error handler page i
the same web app pool as the location the error is being generated in


"Robert Gordon" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in messag

: I now realize I probably should have tried posting this on the IIS boar
: first.

: I am running OWA 2003 Server as Front End server to my Exchange 200
: domain. The FE server is secured by a 128 bit SSL cert. The OWA 200
: server is running on Windows 2003 server in a Windows 2003 native A

: At present, the server is configured so that user's have to specificall
: to the URL httpS:// in order to access OWA securely
: The FE server then automatically redirects the user to the /Exchang
: subdirectory allowing for access to their backend mailbox

: However, I would prefer to be able to have users be able to simply go t
: and have the FE server automatically redirec
: them to the httpS:// URL, instead of forcing them t
: make sure they're using httpS from the get go

: However, attempting to make this change at the root level of the we
: automatically propagates the redirect changes all the way down to th
: /exchange subdirectory, creating an infinite loop

: What do I need to change on the FE server's IIS configuration to allo
: auto-redirect to happen