MS Access + ASP + ADO + OpenSchema + error - Unspecified Error

MS Access + ASP + ADO + OpenSchema + error - Unspecified Error

Post by abcd » Sun, 07 May 2006 07:30:18

I am using MSAccess 2003 as my DB, ASP page my front end. My access file is
in the temp folder which ahs IUSR_Machine permissions. My asp page works
fine, connects to DB and retrieves what I want. Now, when I open my db file
in Microsoft Access in Exclusive mode my ASP page doest establish a
connection which is correct as exclusive open locks the files and prevents
further connections. Upto here no problem.

Now when I close that opened Microsoft Access instance, my web page resumes
working. If I refresh it, it works. The third time I refresh the page I get
"Unspecified Error". Again if I refresh it works and again if I refresh I
get "Unspecified error" when I debugged it fails at connection open.

Here is my code snippet..

if strConnString <> "" then

objConn.Mode = 3

objConn.ConnectionTimeout = 30

objConn.CursorLocation = 3 'adUseClient strConnString

set oTmpRs.ActiveConnection = objConn

Set oTmpRs = objConn.OpenSchema(4, Array(Empty, Empty, tmpStrTable,

Set oTmpRs.ActiveConnection = Nothing

set rsColumns = oTmpRs.Clone

set oTmpRs = nothing


end if

set objConn = nothing

Can anybody tell me what's wrong here..what could be the root cause of this

I tried almost all solutions I know and found in search engines..but not yet
solved this issue..


MS Access + ASP + ADO + OpenSchema + error - Unspecified Error

Post by malcol » Mon, 08 May 2006 06:26:13

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