ASP-based Newsgroup Reader

ASP-based Newsgroup Reader

Post by Bill » Sat, 25 Oct 2003 13:13:59

Does anyone know of any ASP-based newsgroup reader (probably based upon
ASPNNTP)? I'm looking for a full-featured reader that I can host, similar to
Google Groups.

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To which newsgroup qualify best the questions regarding .NET passport,
using the web-based news reader, getting logged-in and -out ?

I have following problem.
The cookies and Java, Java Scripts are generally disabled in my browser.
If I wish some domain is allowed to set cookie / run Java,
I always have to create an exception rule.

What microsoft domains must to be allowed to set cookie / run java
I can without any problems log-in and out, submit new posts
to the microsoft newsgroups using web-based news reader (firefox as below) ?

win xp pro sp 2 engl
regular work from restricted win account

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