Delayed scroll in master-detail relationship

Delayed scroll in master-detail relationship

Post by G Bouwe » Wed, 21 Jul 2004 18:38:45

Hi, all

I'm not sure if the subject header is the correct description or
whether I'm in the correct newsgroup to help on this.

I inherited a app. from a former collegue with only one form
containing 3 back-to-back master-detail relationships between
4 different tables. There is no data-module at present, although
I don't know if adding a data-module will stabilize the app.

The problem is: the users scroll the "Client"-table using the
dbgrid's scrollbar. I assume, this means for every scroll on the
"master"-table, subsequently it causes a GREAT MANY scrolls on
the "detail"-tables. At present this causes some instability in
the application (flickering screens, etc.)

My question is this (and I know I'm very optimistic): Is there a
way to set up a master-detail relationship where scrolls on the
"detail" -tables only occur after a certian time-delay after
scrolling stopped on the "master"-table? Or should this be done
with clever coding (e.g. using TTimer or something of the sort)?

Any help or references would be well appreciated

G Bouwer

P.S. Delphi6 app. using Paradox tables

Delayed scroll in master-detail relationship

Post by G Bouwe » Thu, 22 Jul 2004 15:58:08

I can try using a page control on some of the tables, but not
all. For the rest I'll try the timer.

Thanks Bill