NEWS: EurekaLog at Delphi Day 2007 (Italy)

NEWS: EurekaLog at Delphi Day 2007 (Italy)

Post by EurekaLog » Thu, 14 Jun 2007 18:58:56

On 07-Jun-2007 Fabio Dell'Aria, the EurekaLog author
( ), participate to the Delphi Day 2007 (in Italy),
organized by Marco Cantand CodeGear.

Marco Cantwrote about the EurekaLog tool:

"...while I was favorably surprised by EurekaLog. Yes, it does provide
stack traces on exceptions, as any other tools.

But the way it does the reporting, integrates with server side bug
managements tools, and the overall developer and user experience is really

Well done, Fabio."

To read the full Blog article go here:

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