Make file issue.

Make file issue.

Post by user » Thu, 06 May 2004 17:32:28

Hi All,

First I hope that this is the correct group for this posting, if not I'd
be very much obliged if you could point me in the right direction.

I have the following makefile :

!ifndef CC
CC = c:\borland\bcc55\bin\bcc32
OPTIONS = -6 -jb -M -u-
OBJECTS = pointth.obj vessels.obj services.obj
SOURCES = vessels.c services.c pointth.c
HEADERS = vessels.h services.h pointth.h

done: marina.exe
@echo "Build complete."
marina.exe: $(OBJECTS)
$(CC) $(OPTIONS) -tWC -o $@ $^ -lm
@echo "The Executable is called marina.exe"
pointth.obj: pointth.c pointth.h services.c vessels.c
vessels.obj: vessels.c vessels.h
services.obj: services.c services.h vessels.h

Using the CommandLine Tools v5.5 I get the following error when trying
to build the executable:

make -f makefile
MAKE Version 5.2 Copyright (c) 1987, 2000 Borland
bcc32 -6 -jb -M -u- -tWC -o marina.exe $ -lm
Borland C++ 5.5.1 for Win32 Copyright (c) 1993, 2000 Borland
Error E2194: Could not find file 'marina.exe'

** error 1 ** deleting marina.exe

I'm from a Unix environment and I know this makefile would work there,
but I can't see what I'm doing wrong. I'd appreciate any help on this.



Make file issue.

Post by maede » Thu, 06 May 2004 22:39:27


You are using the C++ Builder 5 command line tools. This group is about
Borland C++, however.

Please direct your browser at
newsgroup descriptions and guidelines. This will help you find the appropriate
newsgroup for your question.