Reading Variant Array from Excel

Reading Variant Array from Excel

Post by Jose » Mon, 20 Nov 2006 01:30:10


I'm writing an Excel addin which reads and writes ranges of cells. The
following code works fine however it produces huge memory leaks (the
example produces 15MB memory leak). Every time the function
r->get_Value(); is called and returns Variant array instead of just
single Variant value the memory occupied by the array is not freed.
This strange behaviour does not occur when writing values to Excel

#include <vcl\office_2k.h>
#include <vcl\excel_2k_srvr.h>

TExcelApplication *excelApp;
Variant arrV;

ExcelWorkbookPtr workbook = (ExcelWorkbookPtr)
SheetsPtr worksheets = workbook->get_Worksheets();
ExcelWorksheetPtr problemSheet = (ExcelWorksheetPtr)

RangePtr r;
r = problemSheet->get_Range((TVariant)"A1:CA20000", EmptyParam);

arrV = r->get_Value();
arrV = Unassigned;


I'm using Borland C++ Builder 6 update 4. Anybody has some idea what
might be wrong with this code? Thanks for any help!

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