Taking content of a web page and also taking a picture

Taking content of a web page and also taking a picture

Post by Sakkari » Fri, 18 Nov 2005 05:59:03

Hi i'm trying to design a movie database program and i want when people write the name of the movie my program should check the imdb.com and take the appropriate content and picture from it but i dont know how to do it with borland does anyone have any idea about it?

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2. Why does Form-A's instance fire Form-B's event??


I have an MDI application. I'm opening 2 instances of the same form,
Form-A and Form-B.

WHen I have these two instances of same form open, it looks like all
the events are shared between Form-A and Form-B.

Eg., I have a button, which on click, changes the tab from Tab-1 to

Since, in this case, both Form-A and Form-B have same buttons, the
button click on Form-A changes Form-B's Tab-1 to Tab-4. Which should
not happen. How can I avoid this?

How is this handled in .NET? Shouldn't the events of Form-A be kept
separate from Form-B's events?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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