Writing an OS

Writing an OS

Post by gj_william » Sat, 18 Mar 2006 22:19:04


I am trying to write a simple os but it's all in assembly at the
moment. I need to start using a higher level language for the more
complicated tasks (to save time) and all the examples on the net show
you how to use djgpp but I want to use Borland C 5.5 commandline to do

My question is how can I compile my c program so that it is just a com
file with no standard libraries etc. I tried compiling to omf format
(bcc32 -c myfile.c) and then linking it using alink but it complains
that there is no entry point unless I include stdlib. I tried telling
alink that the entry point was main but then it says that com file
entry point should be at 100h and that there was no stack (I am
creating the stack for the program using assembler).

Any help appreciated.