Error compiling package

Error compiling package

Post by Martin Cer » Fri, 04 Nov 2005 06:02:52

when installing Report Manager tool under C++ Builder 6, I get
following error during linking package rppackvcl_builder6.bpk:
(Linker fatal error) Fatal: Unable to open file 'CHECKLST.OBJ'

There is no such file on my computer, there is just checklst.dcu

I have no idea, why does the package need the file. (even checked,
whether I can compile project with a checklistbox in it. But it worked
without any problem)

The tool has more packages, the first I installed without having

I searched on whole internet and found out that quite a few persons
have experienced similar problems when installing some packages, but
none of the solutions mentioned helped to solve my problem.

Anyone has an idea?

Or anyone has CHECKLST.OBJ in their C++ builder installation? If so,
please email it to me.


Martin Cerny

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Hi all,

I am seriously on my way of phasing out the use of powerpoint and this
week I made the beautiful discovery of the flashmovie package.
Apparently adobe has incorporated a flash player in acrobat reader 9+,
maybe in response to Apple's attitude.
This can be utilized in such a way that one can embed a player and a
movie and it will play on linux/windows/osx.
Really cool !
Anyway, today I hit a snag:
This tex file:


\begin{frame}{Hello world}
A frame that says `Hello World!'
\begin{frame}{Hello world}


Would throw:
ERROR: pdfTeX error (setup): \pdfminorversion cannot be changed after data is written to the PDF file.

I had a look at flashmovie.sty and I commented out line 152:
%\ifnum\pdfminorversion<7 \pdfminorversion=7\fi

And pdflatex compiles like normal, movies and all !

Stinky Wizzleteet thinks:
You shall be rewarded for a dastardly deed.

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