Generating tones in C++

Generating tones in C++

Post by yaks » Sat, 11 Feb 2006 05:28:14


I want to generate tones of different frequencies. I wrote a program in
C++ and made use of sound() function , but it didint work. Can any one
please tell me as to which header file I need to include, or is there
any other function to generate the same.

I would be grateful.

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2. New class generated with VStudio2003 in C++ generate #include ".\.

When I create new class using right button in the Class View of Microsoft
Visual Studio C++ in a C++ project. The new CPP file( like example.cpp)
created has an include added looking like: "#include ".\example.cpp".

The problem are:
- ".\example.cpp" is more verbose and useless compared to ".\example.cpp"
- the "\" break in an unix environment. I'm trying to write cross platform

Please provide a workaround other that having me modify all generated code.
Please provide fix in futur version so I by default it does the right thing.

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