Inconsistent append query behavior

Inconsistent append query behavior

Post by dgmoor » Tue, 10 Aug 2004 23:36:06

I have copies of an Access2K app that run in two locations using
tables from the same backend database (Oracle). The app includes
several append queries, all but one of which behave normally (the
target table is in the local application mdb). However, there is one
query that works correctly at my location, but fails at the other
location. At both locations the query returns the same records in
datasheet view or when run as a select query, but in append mode it
appends the returned records only at my location - at the other
location it appends nothing and displays the message "...about to
append 0 records...".

Does anybody have any suggestions?


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I have linked a csv file as a table. I generated an append query then I
generated a Make-Table query. I then get a message that says "The existing
table will be deleted before you run the query. This generates all the
information every time I run the query. My problem is the linked file does
not have 2 crucial fields that I need to be able to sort with and control the
output. So the csv file has info like grower number, cherry sizes, variety,
date, pool etc. I need to sort the data by a Run order field that I can
number 1,2,3, etc and then be able to use a data field yes/no to check off
what has been packed so it does not come back when I run the query again. any
here is the SQL view
SELECT tblLotList.LotNum, [RSM-Recv Query].TicketNum, [RSM-Recv Query].Bins,
[RSM-Recv Query].RecvDate, [RSM-Recv Query].CullP, [RSM-Recv Query].BrineP,
[RSM-Recv Query].P080, [RSM-Recv Query].P085, [RSM-Recv Query].P090,
[RSM-Recv Query].P095, [RSM-Recv Query].P100, [RSM-Recv Query].P105,
[RSM-Recv Query].P110, [RSM-Recv Query].P115, [RSM-Recv Query].P120,
[RSM-Recv Query].P130, [RSM-Recv Query].PoolNum, [RSM-Recv Query].Variety,
tblLotList.Packed, tblLotList.[Run Order] INTO [Append Data]
FROM tblLotList INNER JOIN [RSM-Recv Query] ON tblLotList.LotNum = [RSM-Recv
WHERE ((([RSM-Recv Query].Variety)=[Enter Variety]));

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