Change Data Type in Query

Change Data Type in Query

Post by WklNTUp » Wed, 16 May 2007 04:13:01

I have a field CMS_STDY_PRD

In my query I want to
1) change the data type to character
2) give the field an Alias of Study_Period.

How do I change the data type in a qry?
Is it possible to change the data type and the field name in the same step?


Change Data Type in Query

Post by John Spenc » Wed, 16 May 2007 04:37:15

If you mean you only want the change to happen in the query results and not
have any effect on the actual data stored the table.

Field: Study_Period: CMS_STDY_PRD & ""

In an SQL statement that is

SELECT CMS_STDY_PRD & "" as Study_Period, ...

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