DELETE Query wants o know about which table to delete from - JOINE

DELETE Query wants o know about which table to delete from - JOINE

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My delete query, which is meant to join two tables, and delete from Table A
all the records in it, not in Table B.

Below is the Code for the query. The problem is that the select aspect
works perfect but when I try to run the delete, it asks me to specify a table.

DELETE t2.Program, t2.ModelYear, t2.BuildPhase, t2.Month, t2.TagType,
t2.Projection, t2.Actual, t2.MonthName, t2.MonthDate, t2.CalendarYear,
t1.ModelYear, t1.ProgramName, t1.BuildPhase, t1.TagType, t1.Month,

FROM t_TempCounts as t1 RIGHT JOIN t_VehicleCounts as t2 ON (t1.YearChoice =
t2.CalendarYear) AND (t1.TagType = t2.TagType) AND (t1.Month = t2.Month) AND
(t1.BuildPhase = t2.BuildPhase) AND (t1.ModelYear = t2.ModelYear) AND
(t1.ProgramName = t2.Program)

WHERE (((t2.CalendarYear)=[Forms]![frm_MAINMENU]![YearPick]) AND
((t1.ModelYear) Is Null) AND ((t1.ProgramName) Is Null) AND ((t1.BuildPhase)
Is Null) AND ((t1.TagType) Is Null) AND ((t1.Month) Is Null) AND
((t1.YearChoice) Is Null));


Thank you

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My Delete query uses only one table to delete from based on the query
result from another query using a different table. Ihave tried with the
unique records Yes and No.

My first query, get distinct values from an Item list, looks like this
and works great:
SELECT DISTINCT [JobLineItems].[ModelNum]
FROM JobLineItems;

Using that I identify the records in the products list that I want to
delete. This works also.
SELECT ProductsList.MFGName, ProductsList.ModelNum,
ProductsList.Description, ProductsList.ItemCost,
ProductsList.ItemRetail, ProductsList.DEPrice
FROM ProductsList, [A ModelNumQuery]
WHERE (((ProductsList.ModelNum)=[A ModelNumQuery].[ModelNum]));

But, then I turn this query into a delete query. I get the error
message Cant not delete from specified tables.
DELETE ProductsList.*, ProductsList.ModelNum
FROM ProductsList
WHERE (((ProductsList.ModelNum)=[A ModelNumQuery].[ModelNum]));

If I put a model number in the query it works. Ex, WHERE
(((ProductsList.ModelNum)=[ ="AMP-100"

The Products list has ModelNum as its primary key and is not related to
any other tables. IT IS USED FOR LOOKUP.
I have tried it with DISTINCTROW and without. No good.

Any help would be appreciated.

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