Problems installing TeeChart Pro v8 VCL

Problems installing TeeChart Pro v8 VCL

Post by Heiko Schm » Sat, 20 Oct 2007 16:09:35


we just bought and downloaded TeeChart Pro v8 VCL. Right now I am unable to
install this software.
From Steema I got some information:
Customer Number: B202810
License Number: 10046690

But whenever I start TeeChart8.01Delphi2007.exe and give the demanded
information (License Number and Password) I got the failure message
"Incorrect Information - You have entered wrong license number or password".
I've tried this very often (no caps-lock key or something else).

Need help (from Steema?).


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2. What about: VCL.Win32, VCL.Net, VCL.QT.Linux, VCL.QT.Windows

Wouldn't above "semantics" ease it
("namespaces", adverts, defines, porting etc.)?
Especially since Borland wants VCL.Net as a thing to stay.

Mac version would then be: VCL.QT.Mac
(actually that would be unnecessary with VCL.Net, but you get the idea).

As it is now.. Isn't a bit complicated to imagine developing for:
(VCL/Win32 | CLX/Win32) + .Net + CLX/Linux ?

I would like to see some sort of roadmaps about this on BDN.

best regards

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