QuickReport and Long Printer Names

QuickReport and Long Printer Names

Post by Xavie » Sat, 04 Oct 2003 04:19:18

Hi, i have Delphi 7.0, when the printer have a long name (more than 80
QuickReport generates a error "Invalid Pointer Operation"

Any help will be appreciated.


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I am having a problem with publishing printers in Active
Directory. I have added printers to all of my clients
through AD. When choosing file >> print from any of my
applications (i.e. MS Word), the fqdn shows first and then
the printer name. Problem is the printer name gets cut off
from the pull-down dialog box because my domain shows as
follows: \\servername.subdomainname.domainname.com\printer
name. I would like to be able to publish and add my
clients printers using AD, but either suppress the fqdn
information in the pull-down menu when I choose to print,
or display the information right-to left so that the
printer name shows first.

Anyone have any ideas?

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