QuickReport PDF export is not good.

QuickReport PDF export is not good.

Post by Uncle Pota » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 15:58:40

I have tried the QRPDFFilter and export my good looking reports into
PDF. It works good but un-satifactory.

Having the text as "text" and qrshapes as vectors is good, save space,
and re-sizable. But unfortunately, the PDF export is far from
accurate. Text overlapping, qrshapes drawn way off.

(1) Is there something I did wrong?? I don't see any options with the

(2) Is there a way just to export it into PDF as an exact print out
capture?? i.e. NO vector, NO text, just a big one page graphic
capture is okay. (which should look exactly the same as my printout)
3rd party plugin ?

(3) Is there a way to make the "save" button not to have the "qrp"
type at all?? I never find any one would like to have the qrp file
saved. ??

(4) If PDF export is a must, which other reporting tool is good? Fast
Report ? Rave? Report builder?
Is migration from QuickReport to it easy ??


QuickReport PDF export is not good.

Post by Joe Griffi » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 05:07:45

When I tried it, I found that the built-in PDF Filter was useless. A
whole lot of the stuff I'd put onto the report didn't show at all.

I use the LLion PDF utility. It exports everything, including a whole
load of non-QR components (like the FastQRTables grids).

I modified my version so that the default save is to a .PDF. Since I
did that, I find my users are saving more and more files as PDF so they
can send them by E-Mail.

I've found that QR (3.06.02) with FastQRTables and LLion is an excellent

... Joe
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QuickReport PDF export is not good.

Post by Gnosti » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 14:22:04


As for questions (1) and (2), you may want to take a look at eDocEngine
(www.gnostice.com). It exports all controls (QR, custom and just any that you
can place on your report) without any change to your reports. What's more it
exports it as vectors so the graphics is crisp and the PDF lightweight.

As for question (3), I understand you have the source for QR so you can just
modify the QRPreview unit (it could be called something else, maybe QRPrev) and
remove the code that inserts the .qrp format to the list of formats of the Save
dialog. Just one more issue you'll have to take care of here is, when the
selection is made (by user on clicking Save), the code would still assume that
the first item is the .qrp format. So you'll need to correct that part of the
code as well. It's easy once you have a look at it.

Somebody else may comment on (4).

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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QuickReport PDF export is not good.

Post by Roberto Ni » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 19:31:25

If you are looking for an alternative PDF export filter you can find a
good support with wPDF (www.wptools.com)

good luck