ClientDataSet for Delphi 5 without Midas.DLL ?

ClientDataSet for Delphi 5 without Midas.DLL ?

Post by Gter Altho » Mon, 05 Feb 2007 00:10:51

Is there any way to use midaslib.dcu instead of midas.dll with D5.
I don want to register that dll within my application.

Tnx Guenter

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Dear Group
I run into "Error loading MIDAS.DLL" when I try to run my program on some
different machines.
It seems that when running on a machine that has never had any program using
installed (that is, no reference to it in reg.db) it will run as expected,
but if the machine somewhere in the past has had a program using MIDAS
installed, and thus has a MIDAS.DLL in Windows\system32, and refs to it in
reg.db, my program will not run, not even after having any refs removed, and
Windows\system32\MIDAS.DLL removed or replaced with the version used in

I also have tried placing the correct version of MIDAS.DLL in the same
library as the program, to no avail either.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

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