COM + Problem

COM + Problem

Post by Yadi » Tue, 04 Nov 2003 23:07:44

hi all,

i have a problem to deploying my com+ application.

i developed my server application (COM+), on Windows XP Proffesional and
Delphi 7.

the problem is after i distribute my server / COM to client machine in this
case i distrubute my com application into windows XP. in the client machine
my com+ application won open (the box icon won opened) , and when i run my
client application an error occur the message is "class not registered", i
dont i understand whats the problem.

could anyone help me ?


COM + Problem

Post by marcu » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 04:41:24

The COM server is probably not registered on the client machine.
Your installer must register the server.

To test the theory and do it manually, open a command prompt where your
server is deployed and type in regsvr32 myCOMserver.dll

Then try again



COM + Problem

Post by Yadi » Thu, 06 Nov 2003 23:48:33

i have other problem to installing com+ on the client machine.
1. when i try to install the setup file of com+ on client machine, process
failed but not all computer. my question what files should be installed in
client computer before i run setup file.
2. in my office there are 2 domains say it domain A and B. com+ server
attach on domain A and the clients attach on domain B. the problem is when
i'm trying to run my client application, an error occur. my question what
should i do to make client machine can make comunication to the server, in
case its has difference domain.
3. can i run my application when i logon into local (not logon into domain)
4. in component service of windows, the com+ application represent by a box.
in server computer the box opened and on client computer the box shuted,
what does it mean ?