detail fields not updated in Master/Detail relationship

detail fields not updated in Master/Detail relationship

Post by Raymond Ch » Tue, 03 Feb 2004 18:25:36

Hi everyone, I have experienced a problem when inserting a detail record in
the clientdataset's nesteddataset field from an DCOM application after I
have changed the backend database from Paradox tables to MySQL. The problem
is when I insert a new record in the detail table, key field values are not
updated automatically (this works when using Paradox as backend). Do I have
to make some changes in the IProvider's property or I have to hard code it
to insert key values in the coding ?

Thanks in advance !


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Hi, If I have a Master-Detail table Relationship, I can have a combobox for
the Master table and one for the Detail table, which updates its contents
depending on the current Master selection. I do this by binding the Master
combobox directly to the Master table, and the Detail combobox directly to
the FK_Master_Detail1 relationship.

However, if I have a third table (detail2) with a detail relationship to the
detail1 table (three levels of hierarchy), binding to the FK_Detail1_Detail2
won't work, because detail1 is bound to a relationship, and not the table
itself, and so it won't update the third combobox according to the selection
in the second combobox, which contents depends on the first combobox (make

Looking for a way around this. Eg, can I make the second combobox update the
currently selected row in the table to which the foreign key it is bound to
gets its data from, so the third combo picks this up?

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