Endless waiting for new instance

Endless waiting for new instance

Post by ggeshe » Thu, 29 Apr 2004 18:31:33


I'm developing a multi - tier application, using an Application Server which
includes TRemoteDataModule - s /RDMs/. RDMs connect to the DB server using
ADO components for Delphi 7.

The threading model of RDMs is "Free" and the instancing is "Multi instance"

The problem is: Sometimes, very rarely, when a new application form is
created and it invokes creation of a RDM instance from the Application
Server, the main application freezes. I noticed that if I kill the process
of the Application Server, immediately a new instance is created and the
main application exits its "freeze period" and continues working perfectly

What's the problem in fact? How can I solve it?

Thank you!

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my first attempt at installing XP SP2 went badly.

All looked well ... downloaded SP2, chose the Express Install, PC was
rebooted and then it said "Please wait ..." at the black XP flash screen. It
sat there for ~3 hours and then I rebooted it manually. It came up and I
restored to the previous restore point just before installing XP SP2. Now
some things don't quite work like my DVD drive, flash drive etc. - not very
happy but what can I do now.

I'm pretty sure XP SP2 will just fail again on a retry so how does one get
around such a problem? I searched Micosoft's knowledge base and Google and
even though several other people have had the "Please wait ..." issue no-one
has suggested any way to move forward.

Any ideas? Does one just try again and hope more?

HP Pavilion 8765c
Athlon 900 MHz
XP Home SP1
All drivers updated that I'm aware of

Any advice appreciated.


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