Get Array in the Server

Get Array in the Server

Post by Zula » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 02:32:44

As it is that I accede to an existing Array in the Server

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I was wondering whether there is some API function which gives me a
boolean[] if I have a Boolean[]. Unfortunately, autoboxing does not
work for arrays.

I want to have a varags method and make a list of the arguments, like this:

public static SignatureSymbol getInstance(final boolean... elements) {
final List<Boolean> symbolList = Arrays.asList(elements);
// this gives compiler error
SignatureSymbol result = SignatureSymbol.instances.get(symbolList);
// this needs List<Boolean>
if (result == null) {
boolean[] elems = primitiveArray(elements);
result = new SignatureSymbol(elems); // but this needs boolean[]
SignatureSymbol.instances.put(symbolList, result);
return result;

Any ideas?

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