Advice for anyone considering MIDAS

Advice for anyone considering MIDAS

Post by Hamilto » Mon, 09 Aug 2004 23:46:59


I've been working on MIDAS apps for a couple of years now and have some
advice for young players. I hope some other people respond to my 2-cents
worth, because there is a lot I don't know - but I wish someone could have
given me the heads-up at the beginning.

1. If you want to have more than 5 connections to your server then you need
a pooled data module in your server.
* Look at the Pooler demo that comes with Delphi.

2. Use DCOM rather than sockets.
* Socket Server has well documented bugs that Borland does not fix.
* There is code by Manuel Palma available from Code Central that fixes
particular problems with multi-processor PCs, but there seem to be other
bugs that have not been fixed.
* If you must use sockets, and want a pooled server then you will have to
disable the 'registered objects only' option in socket server because the
pooler server does not register itself properly, and no one seems to know
how to make it work.

3. Installation will be a nuisance.
* You must run DCOMCNFG and set the identity and security settings for your
server. The default settings cause your server to run under the account of
the launching user, and you will probably end up with multiple copies of
your server. Setting up a new account just to run your app is the best
option, particularly if you need your server to run without having someone
logged in.
* If you want sockets then you will need to explain to your users how to
turn off 'registered objects only'. If you include registering and running
socket server as part of your installation then you may discover that the
socket server icon does not always appear in the system tray - so now you
will have to explain to your users how to stop and restart services.
* How many of your users do you think will manage to do this without a
support call?

4. Use InnoSetup.
* InnoSetup is fantastic, free and easy to user.
* InstallShield is big and cumbersome. The express version that comes with
Delphi will not let you do everything you need to install a 3-tier app.
* I finally ditched installshield when I had clients uninstall my old
software, install a new version, register the server and then discover that
when they ran the client the old version of the server was swapped back over
the new version, and now the client cannot connect.

5. You cannot share connections between pooled remote data modules
* You may read about components to share connections between pooled remote
data modules, but none of them actually work (no names).

How is that for a place to start?



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