Lookup Field Problem!

Lookup Field Problem!

Post by Milan Mila » Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:19:49


I have made LookUpField on myFirstCds TClientDataSet, with gets values from
MySecdondCds (LookUpDataSet). I have next problem:

- I put myFirstCds in Insert or Edit state
- When user try to select appropriate LookupField value from ComboBox,
and find out that there is no such value as he wanted, I give him a new form
to add new value in MySecdondCds.
- But There is the problem:
- When user adds new value, and I Post
MySecdondCds(LookUpDataSet), myFirstCds automatic also do Post. So when user
finish inserting new values, and bring back to select appropriate
LookupField value, myFirstCds in not more in Edit or Insert State.

What is the best way to prevent posting myFirstCds when it is in insert or
edit state, when I Post MySecdondCds(LookUpDataSet).

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Lookup Field Problem!

Post by Milan Mila » Wed, 25 Feb 2004 05:51:19

Thanks Bill,

You were right. Wrong was my code.