Invalid Content-Length in POST method

Invalid Content-Length in POST method

Post by n_sidhay » Mon, 03 Nov 2003 03:02:42

To all friends,

Right now I am developing mobile solution (MIDlet). In one of module I
wanted to post some data to resin HttpServer (Platform Unix variant). I got
the error Invalid Content-Length 23,23. While 23 is the actual length
passing to theHttpServer varying upon sending bytes. This happens if I
omitted Content-Length Header.

The interesting part is the same code works well in J2ME Simulator. In
simulator if I changed case of content-length then error occurs. But on
real device Nokia 3650 any way the server sends response Invalid Content-
Length 23, 23.

Is there is specific sequence to set request properties (POST Headers)?

Thanks in Advance.

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1. (method="post" || method="POST") && (method="get" || method="GET")

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